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Existing Patients please login to the patient portal below to schedule and manage your appointments. If you are not registered, you will be asked you to do so. There is a blue BOOK button on the top of the list, click this to request your appointment.

New Inquiries/ Prospective Patients please schedule your free initial phone consult (mandatory to receiving treatment).

New Patient Care Process

On behalf of the KCS family, we would like to welcome you to our clinic and thank you for including us on the journey to improving your mental health. Patient safety is our priority and it is our due diligence to acquire the necessary information for prospective patients in order to determine the appropriateness and safety of receiving ketamine infusions, as well as providing the ability to tailor treatments to individual needs. Below you will see a snapshot of this process. Please follow up with your Patient Care Coordinator with any questions.

Step 1 ►

Phone Consult with Patient Care Coordinator

A time to ask questions, learn the basics of ketamine infustions, as well as the process to start treatment. We will also collect some preliminary info from you.

Invite to Patient Portal to Complete Forms

We will send you an invite to create an account with IntakeQ, our secure patient portal. You will not be scheduling appointments at this time. You will be asked to complete and submit intake forms and consents. Once submitted, your Release(s) of information will be faxed to your provider(s). It may take time to receive your records back depending on the response rate.

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Step 3 ►

Records Review

Once received from your provider, your medical records will be reviewed. Our Patient Care Coordinator will reach out to you to schedule your initial Appointment Intake.

Initial Appointment Intake

Here you will meet with Julie Chinnock, ARNP, CRNA, to review medical records, determine elegibility for infusions, and receive orientation to KCS and ketamine infusion therapy.

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Step 5 ►

Schedule Your Infusion Appointments

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