Music for Ketamine Infusions


It has been found that all aspects of the setting during your infusion are important to help with the full benefits of the ketamine treatment, including music. Music can be a catalyst for allowing your ketamine journey to unfold.

We all have heard songs that make us feel. Music has been shown to have a positive effect on people’s emotional wellbeing. It’s no surprise that when you combine music with your ketamine treatment, it can enhance your experience.

Neutral-sounding, ambient music with no vocals has been recommended for those starting their journey with ketamine. As you continue with your infusions consider what emotions you want to feel during each one. What is your mindset and/or what mindset do you want to be in? Choose music that you like (preferably with no words), one that allows you to feel safe and supported, choose a playlist or songs that reflect the emotions you want to resonate with, and be open to the experience and imagery that the music evokes.

Below are some of our favorite playlists. If you wish to make your own playlist we recommend making one that’s at least 60-minutes long, since infusions last 40-minutes. When you link on any of these, you will see many other playlists that are similar in nature. Although some of these are obtained free, we recommend a subscription so that you can avoid ads, which may interrupt your journey. We can also play any of these aloud for you on a speaker.

When you are searching for a playlist, here are some helpful terms to use: Ketamine Playlist, Ketamine Therapy, KAP Playlist, Mediation Playlist, Yoga Music, Classical Piano, Ketamine Treatment, Psychedelic Music, Ketamine Infusions, Calming Instrumentals. There are also lots of suggestions on Reddit and Facebook and all over the web. The possibilities are endless!! 🙂

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