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Erin Hartley


Erin Hartley is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist based in Seattle who has been helping clients suffering from depression, anxiety and other mood disorders for almost two decades.

Erin has been practicing independently since 2015 and received advanced training from the University of San Francisco’s (UCSF) world-renowned hospital and clinics focusing on a wide range of evidenced-based therapies for depression.

Her therapeutic approach draws from an electric range of science-supported therapies that combine mindfulness, acceptance, self-compassion, internal systems and a greater understanding of the intimate connection between the mind and our body’s nervous system.

Erin strongly believes that medicines, like ketamine, can help to unlock and remove obstacles to healing, and she helps people tune in and listen to the wisdom of their inner voice and make meaning or glean insights from their ketamine experience.

In each of her sessions, Erin empowers her clients with tangible tools and skills they can practice outside of the session to feel greater confidence, self-mastery, and meaning. She’s committed to creating a safe and affirming environment that honors and respects diversity in all forms.

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