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Intramuscular Ketamine

Ketamine has been used for decades as a painkiller and anesthetic. When applied in the right doses, ketamine can be a powerful sedative that affects a person’s memory and induces a dissociative, trance-like state of mind. Ketamine is often used during surgery in major hospitals around the globe as an anesthetic in order to keep patients comfortable.

Research in the last two decades has shown that ketamine can be used for much more than anesthesia – it is also a powerful, fast-acting treatment for many chronic conditions like depression, PTSD, anxiety, and fibromyalgia or other pain disorders.

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How Does Intramuscular Ketamine Work?

Ketamine targets NMDA receptors in the brain, important chemical messengers. Ketamine blogs these receptors from receiving some chemicals, allowing your brain to create new pathways between synapses and helping to restore old or damaged connections.

Conditions like depression or chronic pain can damage the synapses in the brain, which are an important part of recovery from these conditions. This is why ketamine can be so effective – it helps the brain regenerate and improves its ability to heal itself.

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Ketamine is most effective as a part of a much larger, personalized treatment plan. The Ketamine Clinic of Seattle will cater your treatment plan to your needs and symptoms.

After your series of ketamine injections, our team will observe you carefully and make sure you are responding well to the treatment. Although some experience mild side effects, ketamine has been used for decades in clinical settings and is safe.

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