Rocio, BSN, RN

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Rocio, BSN, RN (she/they) has been a part of the nursing profession for almost eight years. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Nursing Science from Purdue University, she kicked off her career as a Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse, staying in this role for 3.5 years. Ro was called to the mental health field during the Covid-19 pandemic after watching colleagues, patients, and their families struggle with motivation, burn-out, and more. “Working at the Ketamine clinic of Seattle has been a great honor and learning curve.” She continues to grow and love this new nursing role.

Taking initiative to adjust minor things to make the care and experiences better for patients, including advocating for coverage of infusions for current and future veterans. She is passionate about patient care, and genuinely desires the best possible outcome for everyone who may cross her path.

We take great honor in your trust with us, and in turn we do our absolute best to make it a safe and comfortable environment for you. “Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.” See you soon!

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